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Working with Affirmations

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How to write your own affirmations.

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How to write your own powerful positive affirmations.

How to write your own positive Affirmations


item16While at first it may seem rather obvious so unnecessary to include a page helping individuals to compose their own positive affirmations. Having said that, I do have one or two suggestions that you may wish to consider when writing your own affirmations. Affirmations that are not only positive in intent, but specifically and carefully written by yourself with your problems and issues in mind. To effectively move your life positively and successfully forward, and I suppose the most obvious place to begin this rewarding exercise, would be to start by listing and defining the exact reasons why you are wishing to compose and implement your own personalised affirmations in the first place. In other words, the problems, negative thinking or issues that you are wishing to change or improve.

how to write your own affirmations.While it’s much simpler and easier to use predefined affirmations generically written by someone else. In all truthfulness, affirmations composed by the individual are generally more focused and powerful than their counterparts. I’m not of course discouraging you from using prewritten affirmations, for they are incredibly useful, but experience suggest that more serious issues seem to respond more favourably to more personalised and finely tuned affirmations. To help illustrate this point, I will provide a fictitious example of a young lady that we will name Emily, who experienced what she can only describe as bullying from one of her work colleagues, who we will name Carl, leaving Emily feeling increasingly depressed, bitter and angry. Along with other actions, Emily decided to introduce affirmations into her daily routine, in the hope that these positive statements will begin to strengthen and increase her dropping confidence and inner strength. Below is just two examples of the positive affirmations that Emily considered, the first is simply a prewritten affirmation, just as you can find on my affirmation page for example or indeed any other source. While the second affirmation was carefully and mindfully written by herself. While both are suitably useful, the second affirmation written by Emily, is more personalised and tailored towards her specific problem and issue, so understandably more effective.


Example of a generic predefined affirmation

I will not permit bullies to enter
the sacred space of my soul.


Example of a personalised self composed affirmation

I will not allow Carl to manipulate, bully or disrespect me. I will remain calm, strong and resilient at all times.


As you can see, the self written affirmation is more personalised, specifically mentioning Emily's bully by name, along with the manner and way that Emily is wishing to respond. Two important tips that you may wish to consider when writing your own affirmations. However, just a word of caution, while it may be tempting to write something negative about the issues, individuals or problem causing your distress, Carl in Emily's example. This would entirely change the dynamic and purpose of what should be a positive, self empowering exercise into something rather negative. For while Emily mentioned Carl in our affirmation, Emily is merely self affirming how she would personally like to react and respond, and not inferring harm or negativity towards Carl, this would be damaging and unloving.

Just read the negative affirmation below and observe your feelings, while it may seem more pointed and powerful. The feelings that you may experience are drawn from the negative self, the need to respond with revenge and violence, so not of a spiritual nature.


Example of a destructive negative affirmation

I will not allow that fool to bully or disrespect me. What goes around comes around and his demise will be my joy.


As I’m sure you will agree, the negative example while seemingly harmless, even quite amusing and justifiable, particularly when experience such issues oneself. In hindsight, this would be a mistake and somewhat defeats our goals in moving our life and outlook positively forward. Remember, if it isn't loving, it isn't spiritual.

In the following section, we will explore the significance of the language, intentions and words that we choose when composing our positive affirmations, and once again, to demonstrate this important but simple point, I’ll return to our prewritten affirmation examples as used above.


Prewritten affirmation as used earlier

I will not permit bullies to enter the sacred space of my soul.


As we have already discussed, this simple and well meaningful affirmation appears perfectly adequate, and it is. Yet if we observe the phrase more closely, the opening phrase has a slight negative connotation, ‘I will not’ using the negative, rather than the positive as used in the revised version below.


Revised version, a more positive interpretation

I except only love into the sacred space of my soul.


So you may wish to avoid negative meanings, words and intent when composing your own affirmations. Perhaps avoiding words that have a negative overtone, feel or influence, words like hate, ignore or reject, to mention just a few. The key is to create the most loving, focused and pleasantly balanced affirmations that you can possibly compose.

Returning to our fictitious example of Emily and her troubles with Carl. With hindsight, she decided to revised her developing affirmation once more, reworking her words and intentions into the most positive and loving affirmation that she could create. Just read her first affirmation once again, proceeded with her final draft, and I’m sure you will agree just how loving and positive her completed affirmation became.


Emily's first attempt at writing her personalised affirmation, repeated from above.

I will not allow Carl to manipulate, bully or disrespect me. I will remain calm, strong and resilient at all times.


Emily's revised and final affirmation draft.

I except only love and positivity in the sacred space of my soul, and wish Carl and his difficulties my love, understanding and best wishes.


Not only is Emily's final affirmation more positive, but her revised wording encourages a more compassionate approach towards Carl’s behaviour. Providing a more spiritual interpretation, rightly affirming the problem between Carl and herself as very much Carl’s issue, whatever problems or matters that may be sadly troubling Carl. Opening the door to possible friendship and change that may happen in the near future through the loving acts of empathy and forgiveness.

Another point that you may wish to consider when writing your positive affirmations is to avoid abbreviations and contractions, and for those of you who are a unfamiliar to the terms, words that have been shortened or reduced in length, see examples below…..


I’m instead of I am

I’ve instead of I have

I’ll instead of I will


Like many others, I believe this small but important point can create a stronger more powerful affirmation, less casual or focused you could say. Just compare the affirmations below and see how you feel….


Examples of affirmations using contractions

I’m happy and at peace with myself.

I’ve limitless potential and creativity.

I’ll be successful at all that I embrace.


The same affirmations without contractions

I am happy and at peace with myself.

I have limitless potential and creativity.

I will be successful at all that I embrace.



As I’m sure you will agree, the affirmations that avoids abbreviations and contractions are more pleasant, direct so effective.

Next, I would like to add a few words on the phrasing and structure of your self composed affirmations. For as we have already discussed, it is important to keep your affirmations as positive and encouraging as possible, and in this instance, I’m specifically referring to the way you present and construct your affirmations from a time perspective. In other words, keeping your affirmations in the moment. Once again, it’s perhaps more helpful if I provide a couple of examples to illustrate this helpful tip.


In the first example, the affirmation defers its aims and purpose to the future, and not the present moment.

I will become successful in the future.


In the second example below, the affirmation implies and validates the affirmations aims and purpose in the present.

I am amazing and successful.


In other words, avoid writing affirmations that promise improvements or change in the future, but confidently affirm your strengths, aims and potential in the present moment, so now.



A few words of encouragement to leave you with.



Finally, I would like to leave you with a few closing words with the aim to encourage and support you on your exciting quest in transforming your life for the better.

While I’ve listed a few ideas and tips on writing your own positive affirmations, and hope you found one or two suggestions helpful. I hope that your not left with the impression that written your own affirmations are difficult compose, for this would be quite the opposite to what I was intending.

For in all truthfulness, nothing that I’ve written is an absolute or unchangeable rule, only loose suggestions that you are welcome to try or ignore. Composing affirmations should be an enjoyable spiritual exercise that positively encourages and brings the individual closer to their goals and ambitions. For affirmations are simply short positive statements directed towards oneself to gently nudge and persuade the illusory mind of the incredible truth that all is possible through the infinite potential and mystery of the soul.

May you confidently and abundantly fulfil your true potential and life purpose, to become all that you desire, hope and richly deserve.

Spiritual blessings and much love


Consultation testimonial.

Inspirational affirmations to help you heal, motivate and empower.Hi David, Thanks for such a beautifully moving and touching session this morning. I’m feeling much better today and found your spiritual counselling extremely beneficial. I found your advice on using affirmations very helpful and a lovely dimension to my counselling session.

Thanks again Lynn

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