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Understanding Affirmations


What are Affirmations?Affirmations are simply short positive statements, typically no longer than one or two phrases in length, but can be shorter or longer, depending on their use, purpose or the individuals likings and preferences.

Affirmations should be chosen or specifically written to positively guide, encourage and motivate the individual into a more positive and self-empowering mindset.

Below are three types of affirmations, concise, standard and extended…..


Example of a concise affirmation.

I am happy.

Example of a standard affirmation.

I am at peace with myself and the world I inhabit.

Example of a extended affirmation.

I will do all that is necessary to move my life positively forward. Embracing all that is self encouraging, supporting and loving. While being kind and compassionate to myself and others, so creating a life that is fulfilling, meaningful and successful.


Although the three examples are different in length and intent, essentially they serve exactly the same purpose, but simply appeal to different personalities and circumstances. For example, shorter affirmations are perhaps more suitable for individuals going through a momentary time of self doubt, negative thinking or crisis. Times when we are under pressure in the moment, taking an examination, public speaking, or undertaking a medical procedure, to provide Introduction to positive affirmations.just a few examples, and understandably don’t have the luxury of using a more extended affirmation due to the contemplative nature and time needed to receive the very best from a lengthier affirmation. While more extended affirmations are perhaps more appropriate where the individual has more time to explore the meaning of the affirmation. Perhaps in a more meditative state or setting, where the individual can mindfully recite and reflect on the meaning and intent of the words in a more focused and reflective environment. This is not a rule or absolute, but only a loose suggestion. You can of course use affirmations in whatever manner or way that feels right and befitting to you and your lifestyle, and as with all my spiritual guidance, I would positively encourage you to find the best way that feels right and comfortable for you. For if you are happy and getting what you set out to achieve, then all is well.

While affirmations may seem rather insignificant, even trivial at first. With greater understanding, affirmations simply mirror the natural habits, traits and thinking that we all experience on a day to day basis. For example, if we were to stop for a short while, to bring our awareness to our inner dialogue, to analyse our day to day thinking. Many of us would discover that we are spending an enormous amount of time engaged in internal self talk, and I suspect much of that chatter would be rather negative and self critical too, in many respects the opposite to positive affirmations if you like.

Understanding the power of positive affirmations.This is where positive affirmations can be so incredibly effective in guiding our thoughts and thinking into a more positive and self supporting direction. For if we become sufficiently aware to the type of thoughts that are causing us the most anxieties and distress. We can specifically choose or create the most appropriate and relevant affirmations, typically opposite in intent and meaning to our negative self talk, to powerfully and effectively guide our critical thinking into a more positive and self empowering mindset. In effect, purging and overwriting any self critical chit chat with the positive affirmations of our choice. Retraining and erasing these damaging mental habits and attitudes into the direction and mindset that we are wishing to define, sustain and create.

While at first this may sound overly simplistic and perhaps you have some doubt of the effectiveness and long term results of using affirmations to positively change the way that you think and feel, and that is quite understandable and just fine. Many, including myself have found affirmations to be a powerfully life enhancing technique, particularly when used in combination with meditation, and I could wholeheartedly recommend there use to any of my clients, and this of course includes my visiting website friends like your good-self and others.



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An introduction to the amazing power of positive affirmations.

Working with Affirmations

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Inspirational affirmations to help you heal, motivate and empower.Hi David, Thanks for such a beautifully moving and touching session this morning. I’m feeling much better today and found your spiritual counselling extremely beneficial. I found your advice on using affirmations very helpful and a lovely dimension to my counselling session.

Thanks again Lynn

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