Inspirational words and thoughts
Words of wisdom from spiritual teacher David Cunliffe.

Inspirational words & thoughts.

Spiritual teacher and adviser David Cunliffe.....

We all have potential.


As long as we accept that we are less worthy or deserving than others, then we will never truly reach our true potential and success.

Know that you are extraordinary and that your soul exhibits the same potential and creative source as the greatest of minds you admire.

While we may not exhibit the exact same talents, skills and abilities of those we value and look up to, we all have something special and amazing to offer this glorious and wonderful world.  

By David Cunliffe


The pursuit of happiness.


Happiness happens in a fraction of the moment, a flash of the radiant face of the beloved, sustained by the celestial ringing of one's memories, lovingly and gently calling us back to that ethereal moment when we and the universe perfectly align. A coming together of awareness and realisation that we are part of the one perfect and infinite source of love and light.

By David Cunliffe


The fundamentals of spirituality.


We can never revisit the universal foundation of true spirituality enough, love and kindness, empathy and compassion, brotherhood and unity, responsibilities, cooperation etc....

For no matter how knowledgeable, learned or experienced we may believe we have become, we can always draw new interpretations and understandings from these core spiritual truths.

For like the first sip of water we experienced as a babe, no matter how old we become. We will always draw need and nourishment from the last sip, as the very first drop we consumed.

By David Cunliffe


Let us open our hearts and mind in trust.


When we open our minds to new thinking and prepared to reach out with trust, hope and love, we spiritually learn and grow. Let not your fears and past guide you, but the truth that there's always a spiritual solution.

For the light that falls on the most barren of lands will always bear new beginnings and growth. So open your heart to a more rewarding today, and know that new spiritual growth is eminent, and as the great mystic mother Julian so insightfully remarked. “All shall be well, and all manner of things shall be well” So let us reach out and commit to a more open, loving and spiritually fulfilling future, a future where we can collectively embrace life with renewed vigour, optimism and joy.

Life is no grand waiting room for a brighter, more exciting times or days to come, but the most precious gift we possess in the moment. Let us stop procrastinating and cowering in the shadows of fear, but raise our heads in the belief that each and every one of us has the infinite and limitless potential to become whatever we desire, dream and deserve, if we are simply open to new thinking, flexibility of thought, and trust in others and ourselves. 

By David Cunliffe


Your pure potentiality.


It is our spiritual duty to become all that we can possibly become. For within each and every one of us is the sacred seed of pure potentiality. Possibilities that are patiently waiting to be creatively germinated with our ambitions and dreams. Never be afraid to realise this wonderful truth, for the journey to become our true authentic and spiritual self is not simply your right, but a divine gift of expectation that needs dedication, work and commitment. So fearlessly embrace your true self to become all that you can possibly become, don’t seek the illusory path of perfection, but your true authentic and glorious self.

By David Cunliffe

All contents are covered by Copyright © 2011: David Cunliffe - UK Spiritual teacher, adviser and counsellor.

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- By David Cunliffe -

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