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Please note: We use link building software to regularly check if our link partners continue to list our website. Individuals who remove our site link at a later date will be deleted from our directory.

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We only except websites that are ‘spiritually based’, so websites that our visitors would appreciate and enjoy. Furthermore, we do not accept websites that are deemed as inappropriate, so illegal or pornographic, but websites that belong to the following genres, but not limited to…..



  • Spiritually based websites.
  • Religious sites, organisations, blogs, churches, groups, workshops, courses, etc.
  • Mind, body and spirit sites.
  • New age sites, spiritualist, psychics, mediums, spiritual readers, clairvoyants websites etc.
  • Holistic services, alternative health and complementary therapists websites.
  • Counselors, advisers, mentoring services, etc.
  • Meditation websites, organisations, groups, workshops, courses, etc.
  • Spiritual discussions, forms and debate sites, etc.
  • Spiritual teachers, advisors, mentors etc.



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If you have basic website development knowledge, simply copy the HTML code below and paste the code on the page that you would like your preferred badge below to appear.




<a href=""><img border="0" src="" alt="Spiritual teacher, counsellor and adviser David Cunliffe" width="300" height="100"></a>


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<a href=""><img border="0" src="" alt="Spiritual teacher, counsellor and adviser David Cunliffe" width="300" height="71"></a>


Badge 3:




<a href=""><img border="0" src="" alt="Spiritual teacher, counsellor and adviser David Cunliffe" width="200" height="43"></a>


OPTION TWO: Add logo manually.


Alternatively, you can simply drag one of the badges off the page, add the graphic to your web page and add the hyperlink shown below, directing visitors to this website.








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Web-Site address:

Site description: Spiritual teacher and advisor David Cunliffe is widely consider to be one of the leading spiritual mentors. David has guided and supported individuals with matters of the soul for decades, and has increasingly become a respected figure in the field of spirituality.


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