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Three convenient ways to receive your inspirational Spiritual Guidance.

Spiritual Guidance on a one-to-one basis, by Skype and E-Mail

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FREE Spiritual GuidanceYou have ‘three’ convenient ways to receive your spiritual guidance.

Firstly, you may wish to visit David in person based in the North-West of England.

If this is difficult or simply impractical, you can either arrange to chat to David using Skype, a procedure similar to a regular phone call, but over the internet and free, or lastly, opt for our E-Mail spiritual guidance option, where you simply submit your enquiry to David in the form of questions, it's entirely up to you.

Whichever spiritual guidance option you decide to choose, you can be confident that you will receive a spiritual counselling session of the most professional and highest of standards. Under the knowledgeable and wise guidance of spiritual teacher and adviser David Cunliffe.


One-to-One Spiritual Guidance.

item39If you would like to visit David in person, to discuss your problems, issues or concerns on a One-to-One bases. Then you may wish to take a look at our Face-to-Face consultation page.

Please note that David currently provides his One-to-One consultations in the North-West of England in the cities of Manchester and Leeds.


Spiritual Guidance through Skype.

Spiritual guidance through Skype.David understands that many may find it difficult, inconvenient or simply impossible to visit him in person, particularly if you live in a location or country that is impractical to visit.

This is why David has mindfully developed his popular internet consultations, using the FREE over the net service known as Skype.

Thoughtfully developed for individuals who would prefer to chat with David on a one to one bases using a method similar to a regular telephone call, but over the internet.


Spiritual Guidance via E-Mail.

item41Many seeking guidance with issues of a personal or intimate nature, find our e-mail spiritual guidance a wonderful and convenient way to receive spiritual support.

For not only is our e-mail spiritual guidance service easy and convenient to use. We are confident that you will find our e-mail service a deeply informative and enlightening experience.


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Spiritual counselling Face-to-Face, Skype or E-Mail.

David Cunliffe

Spiritual teacher

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Professional spiritual life coach counselling and consultations.


"A genuinely truthful and sincere guy, with spiritual insight that has left me both spiritually and emotionally moved."

Sandra (Salford) One to One support

"David is different, very different. He seems to connect in ways that brings the invisible and visible world that little closer, and leaves you feeling the better for it"

Dean (Wigan) One to One guidance

"After losing my dear husband, I can only describe my former life as empty and void of meaning. David gave me the purpose and drive that was missing from my life and for that I am eternally thankful and grateful."

Jessica (Warrington) One to One counselling

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