ten reasons why you may consider spiritual counseling.

Ten positive reasons why spiritual guidance can help for you.....


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Below are ten positive reasons why you may wish to embrace spiritual guidance from a spiritual teacher that you can confidently trust.



Top ten reasons why spiritual counseling can work for you.

Ten positive reasons why spiritual mentoring can work for you:

Spiritual counseling from an experienced spiritual mentor, can empower you to embrace the life, career and ambitions that you aspire and so richly and abundantly deserve.


Intuitive spiritual counseling.Spiritual counseling can enable you to see a clear and positive way through your problems and issues. Perhaps you are confused, worried or fearful about your future life and happiness. Spiritual guidance can help you develop a practical and spiritual way forward, a plan that will be specifically developed and tailored to bring your life back into a state of balance and harmony.

Intuitive spiritual counselling.Spiritual counseling can help you discover why you may be repeating old patterns and habits that may be harmful, self-destructive or preventing you from positively and constructively moving your life forward.

Intuitive spiritual guidance.Spiritual counseling can introduce you to the fascinating and life changing philosophy of what we think, we can potentially manifest and create. In other words, if negative thinking or self-destructive thought patterns are an issue or problem with you. David can teach you powerful spiritual techniques to help you move your negative thinking into a more positive, productive and self-empowering mindset.

Intuitive spiritual support.Spiritual counseling can help you see the divinity and limitless potential within. One of David’s core spiritual teachings and philosophies, is the self-empowering and liberating truth that we are all part of the one eternal and limitless source of the divine, or whatever you choose to describe or define that infinite source of love and light.

Intuitive spiritual counselor. Spiritual counseling can introduce you to the beautiful gift of forgiveness. Embracing the spiritual healing and rewards of forgiveness, one of the great spiritual laws and blessings open to each and everyone of us.

Intuitive spiritual counsellor.Spiritual counseling can introduce you to the power of surrender, the liberating and self-empowering rewards of learning to let go of one's past issues and traumas, to positively move forward into a space of inner peace, understanding and acceptance.

Intuitive spiritual adviser.Spiritual counseling can be a wonderful opportunity to seek spiritual guidance and support from a trusted and experienced spiritual teacher, a mentor who is loving, compassionate and non-judgmental. A spiritual mentor who really cares about your problems and issues, and will work tirelessly to bring you back into the sacred space of peace and contentment.

Intuitive spiritual advisor.Spiritual counseling can introduce you to the power of affirmations. David is a big advocate of self-affirming statements, more commonly known as positive affirmations. David can teach you powerful ways to steer negative thinking into a more constructive direction. Helping you become aware of your internal dialogue and possible negative mental chatter, and teach you how to use self-affirming affirmations to replace and overwrite negative and self-critical thinking.

Alternative spiritual counselor.Spiritual counseling can be enormously beneficial for individuals suffering from stress, anxiety or depression, creative visualisation, mindfulness meditation, self-affirming scripts, mantras and positive self-talk to mention just a few of the many powerful spiritual tools and disciplines to help you gain a more spiritually balanced and healthy perspective to your life, thinking and emotional state.

Holistic spiritual counsellor.Spiritual counseling can introduce you to the life-enriching discipline of meditation. David believes that meditation is the foundation of a spiritually centered and balanced soul. For meditation has consistently shown to be enormously beneficial for individuals experiencing difficult or challenging times in their lives, and can be extremely effective in building and sustaining a state of inner peace, balance and wellbeing.



Please note that David may not use all methods and techniques described above in your spiritual consultation(s), but provides a loose overview of just some of the methods, means and techniques that David may employ or use in your spiritual counseling session if appropriate, necessary or required.

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