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An introduction to the FREE over the internet chat service Skype.



If you are completely new to Skype, you may wish to start by watching this helpful video before proceeding to read the rest of this page.



Skype guide:

To order your Skype spiritual consultation session with David, you will need to download a free piece of software to your computer known as Skype. This will allow you to connect and chat with David and other Skype users for free.


Getting started:

Simply visit the Skype website at to download. You should choose the free version of Skype, as this will cost you nothing to download and use. If you are a little anxious about downloading new software to your computer, you should know that Skype belongs to the leading computer software manufacture Microsoft, so a respected and trusted company. This little piece of software will allow you to connect and chat with other Skype users, Skype-to-Skype for absolutely nothing and remarkably worldwide.


Equipment you will need:

As with a regular telephone call, you will need something to chat and listen to your callers. Fortunately most modern computers are equipped with an inbuilt microphone and speakers for this purpose. However, if you are using an older computer, or perhaps prefer a more private conversation, you may wish to purchase a relatively inexpensive headset with built in microphone for added clarity and privacy, see picture.

One to One spiritual counselling by Skype.

While you can purchase these headsets from most larger supermarkets, computer shops and the internet, Amazon etc. We personally recommend a Skype certified headset for compatibility, simplicity and audio quality. Once again, you may wish to take a look at the Skype’s website under ‘accessories’ for a list of certified products.


Configuring Skype:

Thankfully, Skype has developed software that is extremely easy to configure and use, and also includes a few helpful tools to test your Skype connection and setup. Having said this, we strongly recommend new Skype users to try out their Skype setup with a friend or family member before your consultation to familiarise yourself to the layout and settings.

It is important to remember that Skype has absolutely nothing to do with us, meaning, so unfortunately we unable to assist you in this area.

If you are having difficulties configuring or installing Skype to your computer, you may wish to ask a friend or family member to help you with this simple task or take a look a the excellent Skype support pages on the Skype website. However, you should NOT proceed to order your Skype consultation if you haven't installed and familiarised yourself with the software.


How do I Skype with David?:

As soon as you have downloaded, tested and familiarised yourself with how Skype works. You may wish to proceed and order your intuitive spiritual consultation with David. Don’t worry if you are wondering how the next step will work, for David will contact you by e-mail to confirm your booking, including David’s Skype contact name, which is similar to a regular telephone number, with all the necessary information that you will need to help you organise and prepare for your one-to-one spiritual consultation with David, and like many who have used this simple and convenient service, we are sure you will find the whole process extremely straightforward and easy to use.



We hope this Skype guide has been helpful to you, if you need more help or information about Skype. Once again, you may wish to visit the Skype support pages at Skype’s excellent website, and thank you for viewing our Skype guide.


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Why not take a look at our Skype guide.

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