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Spiritual sensitive, teacher and motivator.

Home page:

About David: An introduction to spiritual teacher David Cunliffe.

Consultations: Information about David's one to one spiritual consultations.

  • Testimonials: A collection of kind words that David has received over the years.
  • Question 1: New to spiritual guidance? Then please start here, an introduction to intuitive spiritual guidance with David Cunliffe.
  • Question 2: What to expect at one of David's spiritual consultations?
  • Question 3: See what issues, problems and concerns that intuitive spiritual guidance by David Cunliffe can help you with.
  • Question 4: Consultation fees.
  • Question 5: How to arrange an appointment with David Cunliffe.
  • Question 6: Frequently asked questions: A list of helpful question submitted by individuals seeking additional information.
  • Question 7: Read a collection of positive comments and testimonials that David has received over the years.


Groups & Workshops: A list of upcoming groups, classes, inspirational talks and workshops.

  • Testimonials: A collection of kind words for David's inspirational workshops, groups and events.

Meditation: Explore the wonderful rewards of meditation.

Thoughts: A collection of spiritual writings and thoughts by David Cunliffe.

Inspirational: A collection of positive inspirational pages to inspire, motivate and uplift.


Webcasts: A collection of audio recordings (Podcasts) by David to inspire, stimulate debate and enjoy.

Support: Spiritual guidance, help and support. )


Newsletter: David's FREE spiritual newsletter, why not subscribe today?

FAQ: A list of some of the most frequently asked questions submitted to David.

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Contact: A simple web-form to contact David Cunliffe

David Cunliffe

Spiritual teacher

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