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A Collection of Beautiful Prayers

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David Cunliffe

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A Collection of inspirational and beautiful Prayers

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A Collection of inspirational and beautiful Prayers.Welcome to the preyer section on my web-site. Your visit and support is extremely important to me and I sincerely hope you will find the prayers enlightening, supportive and inspirational.
I was encouraged to include this developing section of my web-site after receiving many positive comments and feedback from my growing Facebook page and like all aspects of my spirituality, I wanted to include as many different beliefs, traditions and alternative thinking as possible. In the hope that visitors will find something helpful to use or share with their colleagues and friends.
Personally, I’m a big advocate of prayers, for I have such trust in all words that channel ones thinking into a more positively active state, a way to open that mystical door within to reach lovingly forward into that infinite light and potential that resides deep within each and everyone of us.
Recite your prayers with hope, love and faith. Believe in the power and intent behind these giving words and know that you are being guided, protected and watched, for you only need to say the words and you shall be healed.
May the light of God be with you, the grace of God upon you, and the light of God within you,
Infinite Love and Blessings,
David x
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