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STEP THREE: Location and venue options.



David provides his spiritual guidance in the northwest of England, in the cities of Manchester and Leeds. Please select the area where you would like to meet David Cunliffe for your one to one spiritual consultation.

Consultation options:

Please choose the venue where you would like to meet David for your one to one spiritual consultation. You may choose to meet David at one of his consultation rooms based in the cities of Manchester and Leeds, or increasingly popular, you may choose to meet David in a more relaxed setting, a coffee bar etc.....

NOTICE: On completion of your order David will contact you typically within 24 hours, to confirm your booking, including the exact location and address.



I would prefer to receive my appointment at one of David’s consultation rooms.


I would prefer to have my one to one consultation in a more casual way, a coffee bar etc suggested by David.

STEP FOUR: Choose your appointment.

Please take a look at the calendar below to see what appointments are available, all available appointments are listed in lavender.

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If there are no appointments available, please click the forward arrow below Skype Counseling. to view next weeks appointments. You may need to use the calendar side scroll bar to see hidden appointments.


STEP FIVE: Add your chosen appointment date to form.

Once you have decided what appointment you would like to reserve, Please click on the ‘calendar icon below’ to open the pop up calendar and click on the date that you have chosen.

Please note that you should ‘ONLY’ input available appointments shown on the calendar. Inputting appointments not listed, will not be booked, and will delay your counselling session to rearrange the next available appointment.

STEP SIX: Add your appointment time.

Please click on the drop-down menu below and select the time of your chosen appointment. This must be the same time as your chosen available date from the calendar.

STEP SEVEN: Tell us why you are seeking guidance.

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In the unlikely event that David may need to cancel your appointment at a very short notice, typically within a few hours for emergencies etc. You may choose to provide a contact telephone number so David can notify you as soon as possible, normally by text.

If David needs to cancel your appointment he will either offer a complete refund or provide an alternative appointment, the choice is entirely up to you. David will contact you via email to advice you on the simple procedure.

For none emergency cancelations, David will only contact you using the email address that you have provided. Please note that we NEVER disclose any information that you provide with anyone else, we take your privacy and confidentiality very seriously and like your email address your telephone number will not be used for any other purpose than stipulated.


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David Cunliffe

Spiritual teacher

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