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Spiritual counseling and meditation can help with anxiety, learn more.“I have often wondered how meditation can help with anxiety, and my goodness what a wonderful discipline to learn, and your tips worked a treat. Thank you for such a wonderful spiritual counselling session and look forward to the next.”

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simple-meditation-systems-for-beginners"The transformation of one's consciousness can be best achieved through contemplative meditation and prayer."

By Spiritual teacher David Cunliffe

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How to meditate.Spiritual greetings, and thank you for visiting this meditation section of my website, greatly appreciated.

I was keen to include this meditation section to help individuals just like your good-self the opportunity to learn more about this most wonderful and rewarding of disciplines.

In so many ways, meditation has become a significant and important part of my daily life, a practice that has nourished and guided me through the most difficult and challenging times of my life, and I personally see meditation as a wonderful way of sustaining inner balance and peace.

Meditation techniquesLike many, I’ve tried and explored many forms and types of meditation, and I’m absolutely passionate about the whole subject of meditation, and would like to share with you some of my knowledge and findings, in the hope that you also can begin to experience many of the wonderful benefits and rewards of this most fascinating and enlightening of practices.

I hope to use this particular section of the site to archive numerous pages exploring the whole topic and area of meditation, including free guided meditation recordings, debates and discussions, frequently asked questions, meditation tools, tips and techniques, and much, much more. Please don’t forget to visit this page from time to time to see what's new, you may wish to subscribe to my 'FREE spiritual Newsletter' to be the first to learn about new exciting content, and once again, thank you for dropping by, your visit and support is most appreciated and greatly valued.

Bright and spiritual blessings.

David x

Exploring the fascinating subject of meditation.

David Cunliffe

Spiritual teacher

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Spiritual meditation tips and techniques for beginners.

Meditation Resources

Meditation home page.

EXERCISE: An introduction to mantras while meditating.

simple-meditation-for-beginnersSpiritual Quote.

"Meditation is a beautiful observation of the moment.

Bring your thoughts to your higher self, and open your mind to your God."

By Spiritual teacher David Cunliffe


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