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Getting through difficult times


Getting-through-difficult-timesFor today's words of encouragement, I would like to provide a few words of guidance for those of you who are unfortunately facing difficult times. For no matter what challenges or problems you may be facing today or over the following days. It’s important that you don't allow yourself to become overwhelmed by the negative, but recognise your incredible strength and resilience.

For if you take a few minutes to reflect upon your past, like most of us, you can probably identify many other times in your life when you’ve encountered equally challenging times and despite how difficult or strenuous those times where, you obviously survived and the same can be said of your present situation also, no matter how overwhelmed or overburden you may feel at present. For while you may find your current situation difficult, unpleasant, even intolerable, never underestimate your incredible strength and resolve. For you’re far more resilient than you may first imagine and I’m sure like your past, you will proudly look back at these difficult times with a renewed perspective and understanding. For the most challenging times in life can often bring the most powerful lessons, knowledge and experiences that over the course of our lifetime will often become points of reference and direction at future difficult times.

So what can we do if we find ourselves facing unavoidable issues and circumstances? Firstly, don’t panic, try to calm yourself down and know that there are lots of effective ways to get through these challenging times, despite how worried or apprehensive you may feel at present. For whenever I'm challenged by something difficult or unpleasant in life, I like to take a few minutes to detach from the situation and reflect upon the difficult event, with the following question in mind. Instead of indulging in the fruitless act of worry and anxiety, all negative and destructive energies. Alternatively, I like to ask myself the obvious but helpful question. What can I do to help myself get through this temporary situation as effectively and successfully as possible? So instead of channeling all my precious energy in the negative and futile act of worry. I try to focus all my energy on the steps needed to achieve the outcome and results that I’m looking to attain.

Below are just a few tips and ideas that you may like to explore to help you through any challenging times and events.


1) When facing similar challenging times in your past, how did you approach those difficult issues and was your response effective. If so, is it possible to follow similar steps while confronting your new problems or issues?


2) When going through difficult or challenging times in life we can often become trapped in a pessimistic cycle of negative thinking, actively constructing and sustaining mental images and outcomes that can exacerbate our stress and anxieties. If this parallels your experience and thinking, it’s important to break from these destructive practices as soon as possible. So instead of simply brooding over the negative possibilities and outcomes that may or may not come to fruition. Try to imagine the results you most wish and desire and the steps needed to achieve your preferred outcome. For if we allow ourselves to become allured by the destructive energy of hopelessness and pessimism, we begin to shift our mindset from possibilities to the destructive and illusive mindset of fear and defeat.


3) Another interesting tip that you may find helpful in guiding your thoughts into a more positive direction, is the use of positive affirmations. For example, if you’re worried about an upcoming event, a hospital appointment or medical procedure to provide just a few examples. You could choose to compose and recite the following affirmation at those times when you become trapped in your negative cycle of pessimism.


Below is an affirmation specifically developed to match one of the examples above.


“I am feeling positive and prepared for my medical procedure and know that all will be just fine.


The idea is very simple, when you find yourself becoming obsessively focused upon negative thinking. Try to find a quite place to relax and bring your thoughts to your personalised affirmation. Making sure you attentively listen, understand and except the meaning behind your positive self affirming affirmation.

Hope you found this helpful friends, if you need further help or support to guide you through your difficult times, then you may like to take a look at my spiritual guidance page, please here to learn more.

Stay positive and strong, much love and peace.

Bright and Spiritual Blessings

David x

All contents are covered by Copyright © 2011: David Cunliffe - UK Spiritual teacher, adviser and counsellor.

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  • Getting through difficult times.

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