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This page consists of a list of general frequently asked questions concerning spiritual teacher David Cunliffe.

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Spiritual healer Father Eric FisherWhat is David Cunliffe’s religion?

Dominic Barberi David does not follow or subscribe to any specific religion or doctrine, but respectfully believes that ‘all’ religions and philosophies hold universal truths and illusions alike.

In many ways, David sees religion as a distraction that inevitably clutters one's path from our higher calling and enquiry in searching beyond the teachings and experiences of others, into a personal relationship with God, or whatever you choose or not to describe the infinite source of love, intelligence and mystery.


Alternative spiritual mentors. What are the spiritual beliefs of spiritual teacher David Cunliffe?

Information about spiritual teachers.In many respects David has a very simple spirituality, and that is to openly embrace all that is kind, loving and peaceful. While continually examining, simplifying and letting go of all spiritual beliefs and philosophies that are limiting, unnecessary or clutter.

This simple but spiritually challenging philosophy became significantly important to David after experiencing a remarkable apparition from the late Passionist Priest Dominic Barberi, that became one of the principle catalysts and inspirations behind David’s spiritual teachings, despite their significant spiritual differences and beliefs. Powerfully illustrating another important belief of David, and that is to be lovingly open and respectful to all spiritual philosophies and their followers, while actively attached to none.


Alternative spiritual direction.Being as clear and simple as possible, how would you describe the spiritual purpose and work of David Cunliffe?

Information about spiritual teachersI suppose the simplest way to describe the spiritual work, guidance and teachings of David Cunliffe. Would be to serve, support and bring healing to those in need. Whatever issues or problems that may be troubling the individual or persons concerned.


Different spiritual approaches.I’ve heard that David seriously considered entering the priesthood as an Anglican priest, is that true?

Spiritual teachers with a deference.In David’s early life, David openly explored and considered all spiritual avenues and possibilities, including the vocation of the priesthood. However, David became increasingly disappointed and incompatible with the teachings and interpretations of the faith, not only of the Anglican church, but Christianity in general. On reflection, while his interests and intentions were very well-intended and important at the time. David believes that his interest in the priesthood had more to do with his limited understanding and exposure to the spiritual options and avenues open to a young person, who was experiencing spiritual incidents that neither David or those around him could properly understand or support.

In many respects, it was through the loving encouragement and guidance of the world renowned healer and teacher Father Eric Fisher who encouraged and inspired David to embrace his independent vocation and path that he follows and enjoys today, or in the words of Father Eric Fisher, “You must go out there and find your own platform and share your knowledge and message, wherever that journey may take you.” words of truth and encouragement that David continues to follow and embrace today.

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isightsmallcopydd1David is just one of those kind of people that provides a level of spiritual insight that can open your life in ways that you may have thought previously impossible.....

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A list of general FAQ’s about spiritual teacher David Cunliffe.

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