Spiritual counsellor in the Manchester area.

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Spiritual guidance in the North West of England, Manchester and Leeds.


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Spiritual Guidance on a One-to-One basis.


LOCATION: David conducts his one to one spiritual guidance in the North-West of England in the cities of Manchester and Leeds.

CONSULTATION LENGTH: Your appointment with David will take approximately one and a half hours to complete. - 90 minutes.

COST: £00.00 per session.


Spiritual guidance in the North-West of England.If you live in a location that is convenient to visit David in person, or perhaps traveling is not a problem. Then why not arrange a one to one consultation to visit David face-to-face?

David is based in the North-West of England in the cities of Manchester and Leed's, and mindfully conducts his consultations in two convenient ways.

Firstly, you may choose to arrange your consultation at David’s private and comfortable consultation room, or secondly, and increasingly popular, you can arrange to meet David in a discreet public area suggested by David, typically a coffee shop for example. Many choose this option as it's seen as a more casual and less formal setting. Offering a ground of neutrality for individuals who are perhaps a little nervous about meeting someone for the first time in an unfamiliar place.

Both options provide a similar experience and outcome, just different styles and approaches. Whatever feels the most comfortable and suitable for your own personal needs, likings or preferences.

If you are ready to arrange your face-to-face spiritual consultation with David Cunliffe. Simply click the order button below, and you will be directed to a simple web-form where you will be invited to complete to arrange your appointment.


Spiritual guidance on a one to one basis.


Like to learn more about David's one-to-one spiritual guidance, or perhaps have one or two questions that you would like answering? Then why not take a look at our 'one-to-one frequently asked questions page'. You may also like to view our 'general FAQ's page', covering many additional questions about David’s spiritual consultations.



Can’t find the answer to your question in our FAQ's pages? Don’t worry, simply click the 'contact' link in this paragraph and you will be forwarded to our contact page. Where you can submit your question(s), and David will be more than happy to answer any of your questions or concerns.

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Spiritual guidance in the North West of England: Greater Manchester, Merseyside, Lancashire, Cheshire, West Yorkshire, North Wales, Darbyshire, Cumbria, Staffordshire.
All contents covered by Copyright © 2011: David Cunliffe - Spiritual mentor, teacher, intuitive and adviser. Spiritual guidance for bereavement, depression, stress and anxiety and much more.

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Spiritual guidance in the North West area.


"Such a help David, I'm now feeling much stronger and happier. Thank You"

Tom (Southport) One to One support

"Thank you for such an inspirational session, you have given me lots to think about and I’m very excited"

Scott (St Helens) One to One guidance

"Hi David, just a quick e-mail to let you know that all is going well and I hope to chat soon. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, you were so incredibly helpful."

Denise (Leigh) One to One counseling

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Spiritual guidance in the North of England, Manchester and Leeds.

Never give up, for there is always a brighter path.

Professional spiritual counselor.

"Despite what you may think or believe, whether you feel sad, lonely, depressed or bereft. Isolated, angry or indeed any other form or state of being. I can Spiritual help for depression. without a beat of hesitation promise you this my friend. Nothing is impossible to change and improve when we dare to reach beyond the parameters and boundaries of our illusions and fears, to embrace the infinite potential of our source and being. For we are fashioned from the glorious mystery that sculptured the mountains, trees and seas, that awesome and magnificent power that cast the stars in their heavens, birds in their flight and prettiest of snowflakes in their limitless kinds. For this is the truth that we are rarely told, nothing is impossible when we open our mind and thinking to the mystery that the universe and all that it encompasses is most active and present in the depths of our soul. So never except anything but the beautiful truth that all is possible with faith, hope and love."

Thoughts By David Cunliffe.

Are you seeking spiritual help online?

Spiritual support for depressionThen why not take a look at David’s online spiritual consultations.

David provides Skype and email support online, and we are confident you will find David’s spiritual guidance extremely beneficial in guiding your life back into a place of peace, balance and harmony.

Click here to learn more about our online Skype consultations, or here to view or spiritual guidance and support by email.

Spiritual guidance testimonial

One to One Spiritual guidance testimonial."Thanks David, really enjoyed the session and learned a lot. Thought you would appreciate some feedback to add to your site. Having tried numerous types of guidance and therapies, one or two rather strange and wacky I may add. I was absolutely thrilled the way my sessions went. Thought the refine and define exercise was particularly helpful and simply loved your affirmation workbook. Thanks again David, and would't hesitate to use or recommend your spiritual services in the future."

Emma: Leeds - March 2011

One-to-One Spiritual guidance

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Spirituality in Manchester
Spirituality in Leeds.

Spirituality in Manchester and Leeds.Looking for spiritual guidance and support in the Northwest of England?

Then you will be pleased to learn that David provides his highly acclaimed one-to-one spiritual consultations in the Manchester and Leeds areas.

David Cunliffe

Spiritual teacher

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