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A list of FAQs concerning David's Face-to-Face spiritual consultations.


counseling for depression online.How long will my face-to-face consultation take?

David’s one to one consultations will take approximately one and a half hours in length. (90 minutes) to complete.


Where does David conduct his face-to-face consultations?

David is based in the North West of England UK and currently provides two locations, Manchester and Leeds, where you can visit him in person. However, other areas may be possible under certain circumstances, you may wish to contact David directly if you require further details.


I would like to bring someone along to my consultation for support, will that be okay?

Yes that is absolutely fine, having said that, you should be aware that we may discuss issues that you may prefer to remain confidential, but the choice is entirely up to you. However, due to limited space, we politely advise that you only bring one guest along to your consultation.


May I record my consultation(s) for reference and personal use.

No, David does not permit recording of his consultations as this can be distracting and a breach of our strict terms and conditions, which you must agree before your consultation commences. This also applies to guests if you choose to bring a colleague along to your consultation(s).


What should I do if I need to rearrange my appointment?

If you need to rearrange your appointment, no fee will apply, providing your request is received 24 hours before your allocated appointment time.

Requests made within 24 hours of your appointment, will be subject to an administration fee to cover lost appointments etc.


What should I do if I need to cancel my agreed appointment?

If you need to cancel your appointment with David. Please note that you should contact David as soon as possible, up to 24 hours before your consultation to allow your appointment to be reallocated. However, cancelations will be subject to a cancelation fee to cover PayPal refund costs etc.

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"A genuinely truthful and sincere guy, with spiritual insight that has left me both spiritually and emotionally moved."

Sandra (Salford) One to One support

"David is different, very different. He seems to connect in ways that brings the invisible and visible world that little closer, and leaves you feeling the better for it"

Dean (Wigan) One to One guidance

"After losing my dear husband, I can only describe my former life as empty and void of meaning. David gave me the purpose and drive that was missing from my life and for that I am eternally thankful and grateful."

Jessica (Warrington) One to One counseling

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