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imgdccopy1Welcome, this is David Cunliffe, and thank you for dropping by today, your visit and interest in my spiritual consultations is very important to me, and I sincerely hope that I will have the honor and privilege in spiritually guiding and supporting you through your important problems and concerns.

The purpose of my e-mail consultations is very simple, and that is to help individuals just like your good-self, to receive confidential guidance through the convenience of email, to find answers and solutions to your problems, along with tips and suggestions to move your life positively and effectively forward.


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To see if spiritual guidance is suitable for you, I’ve thoughtfully provided a free enquiry service, specifically developed to offer new or undecided visitors the opportunity to submit a brief overview of their problems, as to advise you if I feel that you will benefit from my email spiritual guidance, a free service with absolutely no obligation to accept my recommendations. Simply read through this page and complete the form at the bottom of this page and I promise to reply to your enquiry as soon as possible.


You can ask any question about any subject.


Conveniently, you can ask for guidance about absolutely any issue, topic or concern that is troubling or worrying you, and I will do my very best to lovingly guide and support you from a deeper more spiritually effective perspective. Guidance that draws upon the wealth of knowledge and experience gained over years while guiding individuals with their troubles and issues. Knowledge that has become the core of my spiritual teachings, guidance and philosophy.


Spiritual guidance, not religious.


Despite how the phrase “spiritual guidance” may sound at first, you may find it important to note that I do not follow or subscribe to any specific religion or philosophy, so have no hidden agendas or ulterior-motives. Only a genuine desire to lovingly and respectfully guide you through your troubles and concerns in the most loving, kind and non-judgmental way.

I suppose you could think of spiritual guidance as approaching your problems from a deeper soul level, typically the root of most of our issues, and undoubtedly the key to solving them also. Just think of a negative event that has happened to you in your past, have you ever considered how that incident has changed your thinking, confidence and beliefs? changes that effects us on a fundamental level, or what I personally describe as the soul or spiritual level.


A little love and nourishment.


I often like to compare the effects of life's little trials and tribulations like moving a healthy pot plant into a dark draughty location. While the plant will do it’s very best to survive, often reasonably well. Over time, the plant will begin to suffer and loose some of it’s strength and vitality. Yet with a little love and attention, along with the correct help and nourishment, the plant will often bounce back to its former vibrant, healthy self, often a little more resilient and stronger through the challenges too.

While this of course is only a loose example how our life and happiness can be effected by our issues and problems. Like the pot plant, it never cease to amaze me just how effective email spiritual support can be, when the individual receives the correct guidance and support. Helping the client to confront, deal and resolve their issues from a deeper more spiritually effective level.


Thank You.


Once again, thank you for visiting my website today, and if you need further information about my e-mail consultations or perhaps you would like to read through some of the kind words that many of my clients have said about their guidance over the years. Individuals that I like to think of as friends, then please click one of the appropriate buttons to the right.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch using the contact page and I will do my very best to assist and help you in whatever way that I can.

Bright and Spiritual blessings my friend,

God Bless.



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The spiritual difference

YellowpathSpiritual guidance with David Cunliffe is different from conventional guidance. For David will attempt to approach your issues and concerns from a deeper spiritual perspective, the soul level. Viewing your concerns from a holistic point of view, the mind, body and spiritual perspective. Providing advice that will be practically and spiritually based, including many tips, tools and techniques where appropriate. Advice that will be non judgmental and confidential, to lovingly move your thinking and life into a more positive and self empowering direction.

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