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Professional spiritual adviser.Dear friends,


This is David, and may I start by warmly and lovingly welcoming you to the consultation section of my website, and I sincerely hope you will find the information, guidance and support you are seeking.

Like all visitors who stumble upon this web page, I would like to think that you have arrived for a very special reason, and I’m sure something positive and wonderfully rewarding will unfold from your much welcomed visit.

As you will discover, I’m absolutely passionate about what I do, and nothing gives me greater pleasure than to see individuals like yourself, who may be going through the most difficult and challenging times in their lives, to positively move forward into a place of inner peace, balance and healing.

Perhaps you are looking for spiritual answers to personally challenging and difficult questions, or perhaps seeking help and support with issues that are preventing you from enjoying and living your life to the full.

No matter what you may think or believe, nothing, and I do mean nothing is impossible to help, guide and support. No matter how broken, hurt, lonely, bereft, depressed, sad or in pain that you may feel. There is always a spiritual path through absolutely any issue or concern, a path that will lovingly guide you back to your former state, a state of spiritual contentment, balance and inner peace, and I hope that I have the privilege and indeed honour to meet, guide and support you in the near future.

To help you understand my services more fully, and what I can do to support you. Please take a look at the consultation details panel on the left-hand side, starting from the top navigation link working your way through the different links to familiarise yourself to my spiritual services and support.

Spiritual blessings my friend, and please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you need additional information and advice.


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Spiritual counselling online:
An alternative way to receive confidential counselling online.

Holistic counsellor.Online counselling has increasingly become the first choice for individuals going through difficult or challenging times in their lives, and many have undoubtedly found this respected service enormously beneficial in guiding their life back onto a more manageable and balanced path. Yet, as with all areas in life, there are many, and perhaps you are one of them, who for whatever reason, find traditional counselling a little to proscriptive, impersonal or passive for your personal taste and preferences.

While David would never wish to discourage individuals from seeking traditional counselling, a service he values and respects enormously. Having said that, David mindfully understands that many are seeking a more holistic and spiritual approach to their problems. Seeking answers that attempts to find deeper understandings and solutions. Problems that David believes are best confronted from a spiritual perspective. Exploring one's issues from a deeper level, a soul level. Often the repository of many of our negative emotions and patterns that can unknowingly fuel and sustain our problems in life. Manifesting in new and varied ways, often seemingly unrelated if not properly confronted and addressed.

Below is a list of just a few of the many problems, issues and concerns that online counselling can help you with…..



Your potential:

Spiritual counselor.Spiritual counselling can help you to become aware of the infinite potential, light and divinity within. Opening your awareness to the universal truth that each and everyone of us has something amazing and quite wonderful to bring to this beautiful world and the human experience.

Loss and bereavement:

Spiritual counsellorSpiritual counselling can help with issues of bereavement, exploring loving and compassionate ways to confront, deal and cope with the loss of a dearly loved one. Bringing our personal anguish and mourning to the deeper understanding and acceptance that the loss that we so distressingly mourn, is simply a beautiful transformation and journey of the soul into a greater expression and dimension of love.

Business issues and concerns:

Spiritual counselingSpiritual counselling can help with the anxieties, stresses and worries of running a company or business. Perhaps you would appreciate an impartial and independent perspective to your business issues and concerns. David can provide a much welcomed insight into the problems and dilemmas that may be causing you stress and anxieties, providing spiritual tips and techniques to move your thinking, life and business into a more successful, fulfilling and rewarding experience.


Spiritual counsellingSpiritual counselling can help with the distress and pain surrounding prejudice. Irrespective of the nature of your prejudice, racism, homophobia, ethnicity, gender, religion, etc. Spiritual counselling with David can provide a loving time and space to explore how you can effectively confront, deal and move your life into a more self empowering and healing mindset.


Professional spiritual counselor.Spiritual counselling can be enormously beneficial with the life limiting effects of depression. For contrary to popular misconception, there are many spiritual ways to approach depression. Meditation, prayer, self affirming affirmations and mantras, creative expression, music and other forms of spiritual healing to mention just a few. While traditional thinking loosely perceives depression as chemical imbalances, social or environmental influences. More and more of us are beginning to see the relationship of ones thinking, beliefs and perceptions with depression. Bringing a more holistic dimension to this increasing problem, embracing all available knowledge, tools and techniques needed to effectively confront this debilitating condition from a conventional and spiritual perspective.

Emotional imbalances:

Professional spiritual counsellor.Spiritual counselling can be enormously helpful with our emotional imbalances. For when our life is in turmoil, we can often experience a roller coaster of emotions both good and bad. Spiritual counselling can help to bring a more balanced and harmonious state of well-being. Developing practical and spiritual ways to bring greater peace, balance and harmony to ones life and happiness.

Emotional imbalances:

Online counsellorSpiritual counselling can be enormously helpful with our emotional imbalances. For when our life is in turmoil, we can often experience a roller coaster of emotions both good and bad. Spiritual counselling can help to bring a more balanced and harmonious state of well-being. Developing practical and spiritual ways to bring greater peace, balance and harmony to ones life and happiness.

Fear of death or dying:

email counsellingSpiritual counselling can help with individuals fearful of death or dying, known as Necrophobia. Individuals who have anxieties about death and dying, can find spiritual counselling with David enormously beneficial in confronting the illusions of death. For death is only the spiritual transformation of ones being into a greater state of consciousness and love.

Confronting our fears:

Skype counsellingSpiritual counselling can help us to confront and deal with our deepest fears. Discovering the liberating truth that most of our fears are only illusory, learning powerful spiritual tools and techniques to effectively move our fears into the space of greater knowledge and understanding.

Healing from our past:

One-to-one Counselling.Spiritual counselling can be enormously beneficial for individuals dealing with past trauma, hurt and pain. As with all David’s spiritual consultations, David will lovingly guide and support you to share your troubles and experience in the knowledge that your issues will be treated in the strictest of confidence, without judgement or feeling pressured. When the time is right, David will suggest practical and spiritual suggestions to move your life positively forward, in the hope to bring you back into a place of greater understanding, inner peace and healing.

Health and well-being:

Counselling.Spiritual counselling can be extremely beneficial for individuals experiencing the stresses and anxieties that issues of health can inevitably bring. Whether it’s yourself or someone that you love and cherish. Health can undoubtedly be one of the most difficult and stressful issues to deal with. Taking ones thoughts into some of the most challenging and darkest of times, with feelings of being powerless and out of control, while accompanied with a real fear of the future and unknown. Not only can spiritual counselling provide a needed space to unburden your worries, David will provide you with many positive suggestions to lovingly help you through this most difficult and testing of times.

Spiritual issues, problems and concerns:

Confidential one to one counselling online.Spiritual counselling with David can be tremendously beneficial for individuals seeking trusted guidance with issues or experiences of a spiritual nature. Perhaps like no other concerns, dealing with issues of a spiritual nature can be a particularly challenging and a deeply lonely experience. Perhaps you have witnessed or experienced a supernatural or spiritual event that is worrying you and perhaps feel that you need guidance and support. Regardless of your enquiry, problem or concern, you can be confident that David will have the expertise, experience and knowledge to effectively and confidentially guide you in the right direction, without judgement or criticism.

Issues of faith:

Online counselling.Spiritual counselling can help with issues and dilemmas of faith. Perhaps you are experiencing a crises of faith, causing you stress and anxiety. Spiritual guidance with David can provide a helpful environment to confidentially explore and discuss your soul issues, under the intuitive guidance and support of a mentor who is deeply experienced, loving and understanding.

Money issues and concerns:

Spiritual counseling by email.Spiritual counselling can be enormously beneficial for individuals experiencing the anxieties and difficulties associated with money. While David won’t for obvious reasons provide financial guidance and advice. David understands how issues of money can have a profound effect and impact on ones overall health, happiness and well-being. Providing practical and spiritual techniques to move ones thinking and life into a more spiritually balanced and mindful state.

Life purpose and direction:

Online counseling.Spiritual counselling can be extremely beneficial for individuals wishing to explore their life purpose and direction. Sooner or later we all seem to confront those universal soul searching questions. Questions like, what is the purpose and meaning of my life? Where is my life heading? Why is my life less fulfilling and successful then others? Will I ever find true happiness and joy? How do you know if you are embracing the correct path? If you are wishing to discuss and explore any of these questions or perhaps have one or two of your own. Then we are sure you will find spiritual counselling with David Cunliffe a thoroughly rewarding and spiritual fulfilling experience.

Online spiritual counselling services.

There is only one way, the path of enlightenment:

Spiritual and life counselling.In an attempt to find answers to our problems and issues, we must guard against the contemporary obsession of finding quick fix solutions and remedies, methods that often turn out to be illusory, temporary or short lived.

David believes that each and everyone of us have the knowledge, answers and solutions within, and sees spiritual counselling as a means to lovingly support the individual into the sacred space and understanding where we can begin to witness and observe that infinite perception and possibilities that our spirit personifies, a perfect reflection of the universe we mirror and embody.

Spiritual counselling will attempt to open your awareness to the sacred path of self awareness and illumination, that mystical journey within, the journey that will reveal the incredible truth that we are interconnected of the one kind, the one entity and being, under the loving guidance and witness of the whole, that all is possible with love, and acknowledge that love is the seed of your very being, and heart of your fellow beings. That mystical and spiritual relationship where unity, balance and healing resides, that sacred state of oneness, peace and love.

For when we discover how to listen and observe to that gentle and divine voice within, we can begin that beautiful journey of self love and acceptance, that amazing truth that all is possible when we open our mind so awareness to the divine.

Online Spiritual counseling.
David Cunliffe

Spiritual teacher

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"A genuinely truthful and sincere guy, with spiritual insight that has left me both spiritually and emotionally moved."

Sandra (Salford) One to One support

"David is different, very different. He seems to connect in ways that brings the invisible and visible world that little closer, and leaves you feeling the better for it"

Dean (Wigan) One to One guidance

"After losing my dear husband, I can only describe my former life as empty and void of meaning. David gave me the purpose and drive that was missing from my life and for that I am eternally thankful and grateful."

Jessica (Warrington) One to One counseling

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Words of appraisal for English spiritual teacher David Cunliffe.
Transform your life from a

Professional spiritual counselor.

You are pure and infinite potential.

Spiritual guidance and counselling online. When going through difficult or challenging times in our lives, we can often feel lonely and detached from our family, friends and the world around us. Many have described such times as living without purpose or meaning, a life void of hope and aspiration for the future.

Perhaps you have sought numerous ways to find help, guidance and support with your issues and problems. Possibly conventional counselling or alternative spiritual approaches, spiritual readings, divination, orthodox or complimentary therapies to mention just a few, and for whatever reason found the experience underwhelming and unfulfilling, leaving you questioning the most effective and befitting way to confront your issues and problems in the hope to find deeper and more satisfactory answers. Answers that attempt to find why you may be repeating or experiencing problem after problem.

While there are literally dozens if not hundreds of ways to approach our problems and dilemmas. Spiritual guidance with David will attempt to confront your issues from a more holistic perspective, seeing your issues not in the context you necessarily present but exploring deeper more spiritual ways to identify, deal and confront your problems and issues. In other words, spiritual counselling with David will provide a nonjudgmental and confidential space to share your problems and worries, with the aim to find deeper spiritual answers to bring your life back into a more spiritually balanced and meaningful state, a state of greater self awareness, understanding, acceptance and peace.

At the very heart of David’s spirituality is the simple but liberating truth that all is possible through love, and the greatest tragedy to the human experience is that we don’t fully appreciate and recognise this wonderful truth. Never accept anything that attempts to persuade, distract or convince you otherwise. For we are fashioned from the infinite source of love and pure potentiality, and my hopes are to help you seek this infinite source, that glorious power that fashioned the stars, stirred the seas and set the mountains. That awesome and magnificent power that resides deep within the very folds of your being. Know that all is possible through love, and that our aim and calling in life is to seek and set that light and love free in the world, to find joy, peace and healing once more. Lift up your eyes and be proud, and know that you are infinite and limitless, and that you have the means to embrace and become whatever you dream and desire, with faith, hope and love, but the greatest of these, is love.

God bless, David.

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