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What to expect at one of David’s friendly spiritual guidance consultations.


Whether you decide to meet David in person at one of his inspirational face-to-face spiritual consultations, decide to try one of David’s popular Skype consultations, or perhaps opt for the anonymous and convenient email support service. You can be confident that you will receive an intuitive spiritual counselling session of the most professional and highest of standards.

Spiritual counseling and advice.As an experienced and trusted spiritual mentor, David understands just how intimidating and daunting it can be to reach out for guidance and support, let alone the added anxiety of sharing what is often the most intimate and personal concerns with a complete stranger. While this is quite understandable, you should know that David is widely recognised as a trusted spiritual mentor who is very welcoming and friendly, and perhaps most importantly of all, a spiritual teacher who takes his clients confidentiality and privacy extremely seriously indeed.

David understands when we are troubled or stressed, we can often find it rather difficult to clearly explain how we may feel, or perhaps don’t know how to begin your counselling session. While this is quite understandable, you should try to relax for David fully understands his clients worries and concerns, and will be the leading partner in your session, patiently guiding and supporting you to explain how you are feeling and what you would like to achieve from your spiritual consultation session.

Spiritual guidance for depression and anxiety.However you choose to conduct your spiritual consultation sessions, in person, Skype or email. You will be pleased to learn that you will be treated with the respect and dignity that you deserve, while given the time and opportunity to put your concerns or questions across to David in a space that will feel non-judgmental and comfortable, without being rushed or pushed. Starting with a simple web form that you will be invited to complete when arranging your first spiritual consultation session with David. Helping to provide a brief background and overview of your issues or questions, opening the door to your spiritual counselling session.

Perhaps one of the most interesting aspects of David’s spiritual counselling sessions, is David’s unique insight into the clients issues and problems, providing a depth of insight and understanding that many have described as uncannily accurate and the key behind the effectiveness of David's spiritual guidance, leading the client effectively back into a space of self understanding, inner peace and balance.

Throughout your spiritual counselling session, David will provide many spiritual tips, tools and suggestions that you are free to try and explore, specifically recommended for your personal issues and concerns. Providing the client with the information, knowledge and insight needed to get your life focused and back on track.

Compassionate and loving counseling services.As with all areas in life, advice is only as useful as the mentor who provides the advice in the first place, and it is here where David excels. For not only is David’s spiritual guidance trusted and particular to his refreshing and unique spiritual teachings. David is increasingly becoming known as ‘the mentors mentor’. Knowledgeably guiding many spiritual advisers, educators and counsellors with issues of their life and problems, testament to the quality of spiritual guidance and support that David lovingly and knowledgeably provides.

No matter what your questions, problems or issues may be, you can be certain that David will do his very best to lovingly guide and support you back onto a more spiritually fulfilling and rewarding path. For it is only when we begin to take personal responsibility for our own life, future and destiny, is when we will begin the beautiful transformation and healing of our life and soul.


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Friendly, confidential and non-judgemental.

email spiritual counseling.

E-Mail spiritual guidance has quickly become a popular way to receive quality spiritual support for individuals seeking confidential guidance from a trusted mentor. If you are seeking anonymous spiritual counselling with issues of a personal, business and spiritual nature, then we are confident you will find this spiritual email support service very helpful.

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David Cunliffe

Spiritual teacher

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Professional spiritual life coach counselling and consultations.


"A genuinely truthful and sincere guy, with spiritual insight that has left me both spiritually and emotionally moved."

Sandra (Salford) One to One support

"David is different, very different. He seems to connect in ways that brings the invisible and visible world that little closer, and leaves you feeling the better for it"

Dean (Wigan) One to One guidance

"After losing my dear husband, I can only describe my former life as empty and void of meaning. David gave me the purpose and drive that was missing from my life and for that I am eternally thankful and grateful."

Jessica (Warrington) One to One counseling

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