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An introduction to intuitive spiritual guidance with David Cunliffe.


Spiritual guidance, help and support.Right from the very outset, I would like to congratulate you for taking your first exciting steps in moving your life positively forward, for I truly understand just how difficult, even frightening it can be to reach out for help and particularly when going through personally challenging, difficult and emotional times. 

Like the old saying goes, “a problem shared is a problem halved”, and few would necessarily disagree with this, but unfortunately so many of us don’t have the luxury, understanding or trust to reach out to our families and friends for whatever reason, leaving us feeling trapped, lonely and isolated. 

While we seem to get by, and often reasonably well, from time to time we come across situations, problems and issues, that requires experienced guidance from an independent source. Guidance from someone who we can trust, respect and takes our confidentiality and issues very seriously, while lovingly nonjudgmental and spiritually centred.

Thankfully through the wonderful means of the internet, David is now pleased to inform you, that he can now provide his spiritual services ‘worldwide’, opening the door to absolutely everyone. Whether through the FREE Internet chat service called Skype, email support, or as you would expect, the traditional face to face consultations if you live in close proximity to visit David personally.


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Compassionate spiritual counseling from someone who really cares.

Online counselling and support by Skype. .

Online spiritual counseling by Skype

David now provides confidential online spiritual counseling through the convenience of Skype. Skype is a FREE over the Internet chat service, click here to learn more.

"Counseling through Skype is simply brilliant"

Online counselling, guidance and support by Skype.
Understanding spiritual guidance.
David Cunliffe

Spiritual teacher

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"A genuinely truthful and sincere guy, with spiritual insight that has left me both spiritually and emotionally moved."

Sandra (Salford) One to One support

"David is different, very different. He seems to connect in ways that brings the invisible and visible world that little closer, and leaves you feeling the better for it"

Dean (Wigan) One to One guidance

"After losing my dear husband, I can only describe my former life as empty and void of meaning. David gave me the purpose and drive that was missing from my life and for that I am eternally thankful and grateful."

Jessica (Warrington) One to One counseling

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