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Spiritual teacher David Cunliffe.Spiritual teacher David Cunliffe is widely considered to be one of the leading spiritual mentors in the UK today.

In so many ways, David is causing quite a stir in the field of spirituality, touching individuals of all spiritual persuasions and beliefs. Including priests, reputed spiritual healers, teachers of the New Age and metaphysical movements, to the ordinary man and woman on the street.

While David's spiritual work has drawn the most positive and favourable praises. Surprisingly, his spiritual path has remained largely solitary and refreshingly unboastful. Yet there is absolutely no denying the profound effect and impact that David’s spiritual guidance has bestowed on those who have experienced his spiritual guidance firsthand. Leaving many deeply moved, spiritually enriched and enlightened.

Amongst other eminent teachers and advisors, David received guidance from the world renowned reputed spiritual healer and teacher Father Eric Fisher. Perhaps most known for his remarkable involvement in the miraculous healing of Alice Jones, an Anglican school teacher in the village where David lived, a spiritual incident that became one of the principal causes that lead to the canonization of the now famous Saint Pio of Pietrelcina. Having a profound and powerful effect on David’s personal and spiritual life. For Father Eric Fisher was the first individual that David could openly chat to about his own supernatural incidents and experiences. Encouraging David to share his own spiritual teachings and insights that have become the path and journey that David follows and enjoys today.

David's fascination and interest with issues of a spiritual nature started very early on in his life after experiencing a litany of extraordinary supernatural incidents. Going as far back as early childhood to the present day. Gradually developing into a deep interest in all areas of a spiritual nature, only to be intensified by a remarkable near-death experience that profoundly changed the course of David's spiritual path and life for the better. Powerfully affirming many of David's spiritual experiences and beliefs. Particularly his natural insight and sensitivity to the spirit realm. Progressively developing into a relationship and connection with the metaphysical world, that over time has become an integral part of David’s spiritual work, teachings and philosophy. Describing man’s awareness and interaction with the spiritual world as a deeply natural and ordinary process of life, despite how strange or unusual this may sound to many at first. Bringing a depth of understanding and perspective of the self and the universe we perfectly mirror and mystically magnify.

In many respects, David’s personal faith is extremely simple and open. Constantly examining and refining his beliefs into a more coherent and distilled philosophy. For David believes that the more uncluttered and uncomplicated one's faith becomes, the more powerful our connection and experience with the divine will become. Challenging us also to examine or our personal beliefs and spiritual identity, in the aim to find a path that is more truthful, encompassing and loving, a continual journey and pursuit of surrendering and letting go of all that is unnecessary or illusory, on our sacred journey of finding and sustaining inner peace and enlightenment.

After years of requests and invitations, David eventually agreed to begin his now highly regarded spiritual groups and workshops. Initially starting with a small house gathering, progressively developing into the deeply rewarding and spiritual events that his meetings have become so notably and famously known.

In addition to David’s spiritual groups and workshops. David provides his highly regarded spiritual consultations. Mindfully developed to lovingly guide and support the individual through any problem or worries that may be burdening or preventing the inquirer from enjoying and experiencing their life to the full. Not only providing the client with an intimate spiritual counselling session, to confidentially share your concerns with a non-judgmental spiritual advisor but the opportunity to receive advice that is both practical and easy to follow. Often including many of David’s spiritual tools and tips from his extensive spiritual toolbox, acquired and developed by David over many years of experienced guidance and knowledgeable support. To learn more about David’s popular one-to-one spiritual consultations and available appointments, then please click here for more information.

Meditation has always been an incredibly important and central aspect of David’s spiritual teachings and lifestyle. Developing into his own unique meditation system, a fresh, innovative and contemporary approach to this most ancient and respected of disciplines. Providing numerous workshops and classes throughout the year, for individuals wishing to learn and explore the wonderful rewards of meditation in a simple, uncomplicated and enjoyable way. Providing clear instruction and guidance, including many of David’s practical tips and exercises, along with lots of tools and techniques developed by David over the years. While presented in a language and format that we can all understand and enjoy, but perhaps most importantly of all, a meditation system that is incredibly effective and works. For more information about David’s meditation system, classes, and workshops, then please click here for more information.

David has given many inspirational and motivational talks concerning many aspects of spirituality, to audiences as diverse as Buddhists, Christians, Spiritualists and independent churches and organisations to mention just a few. Due to David’s respectful and inclusive standings on different beliefs and spiritualities. David believes that his openness and unprejudiced views uniquely places him in the most effective and approachable position to address and support individuals with their troubles and needs, irrespective of their personal spiritual beliefs or practices. Essentially, David believes that regardless of age, gender, sexuality, nationality, ethnicity, religion or indeed any other labels of identity that we may choose or not to identify ourselves or others. We are all equal in the mind of God, or whatever you prefer to describe the infinite source of love. Providing these philosophies are non-violent, well-intended and loving. Then David is more than willing to lovingly open his arms in brotherhood, cooperation, and the deeper calling of love.

David's charismatic, positive and friendly personality has firmly established David as one of the most respected and loved spiritual mentors in the field of spirituality, and it is the hopes and ambitions of David to bring the individual to a point of deeper understanding, self-acceptance and love. To fully appreciate and recognise the incredible light and gift that resides within us all, to live our life in a way that brings the greatest rewards, joys, and fruits. To lovingly beckon the talents and qualities that lie deep within the fibres and folds of each and every one of us, to become the incredible and amazing person just waiting to be liberated within us all.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about spiritual teacher and advisor David Cunliffe, and we lovingly invite you to spend as much time as necessary to explore the remaining sections of David’s inspirational and informative website. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you need further assistance or help, for we will be more than happy to answer any inquiry or concerns that you may have.

May your spiritual journey be truthful, peaceful and joyful, and much love to yourself and all that you hold close to your heart.


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Testimonials-for-British-spiritual-teacher-david-cunliffeDavid is just one of those kind of people that provides a level of spiritual insight that can open your life in ways that you may have thought previously impossible.

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Respected spiritual teacher and adviser in the United Kingdom.

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"When we open our mind and awareness to new thinking and possibilities. We begin the beautiful transformation of the self and soul."

- David Cunliffe -

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