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David has guided and supported individuals with matters of the soul for decades and has increasingly become a respected figure in the field of spirituality, often described as a deeply insightful individual, refreshingly humble and knowledgeable.

Spiritual teacher and mentor.David has one overarching desire, and that is to lovingly guide the individual onto a more spiritually fulfilling and rewarding path, while avoiding the mistake of guiding the individual onto a path that is more befitting to the mentor, than the individual seeking the guidance and support. 

David follows or subscribes to no particular religion, but believes that all religions hold universal truths and illusions alike, essentially distracting ones mind from the higher calling and truth that governs and sustains us all, the search for universal truth, love and happiness.

We sincerely hope you enjoy your stay, and if you need further assistance for whatever reason. Please don’t hesitate to get in-touch by clicking the 'contact' link sited on the top navigation bar, and we will be more than happy to help.

Finally, may you find the insight, truth and joy that you are seeking.

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"Try to let go of all self-judgement and criticism, for when we are focused on the negative, we are disconnected from the light so beloved within."

By David Cunliffe


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Open The Door to a Brighter Future.

One-to-One Spiritual Guidance with David Cunliffe.


spiritual guidance for depressionDo you feel depressed, lonely or unhappy? Has your life turned out to be less joyful, fulfilling and successful than you would have hoped? do you feel incomplete, lost and unsatisfied? Do you feel negative about yourself, others and life in general? do you question your life’s purpose, meaning and direction?

If you have answered 'YES' to one or more of these questions, then why not take a look at David's One-to-One Spiritual Guidance and see how you can move your life positively into a whole new direction, under the knowledgeable and experienced guidance of a spiritual teacher that genuinely cares about those who are hurting, in need or suffering.


spiritual help for depression and anxiety.



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Spiritually Healing From Our Past.


uk spiritual teacher intuitive spiritual advisor.The past can undoubtedly be one of the great spiritual obstacles to ones future happiness and contentment.

Yet the past holds no particular influence if we choose to reject the illusory shadows and distortions that we may project on our past choices and behaviours.

Let not your past actions, mistakes and wounds shadow your present state and being, but positively reflect on the wonderful person that you have developed and worked so hard to become.

"We are constantly in a state of spiritual transformation, you are not your past or history, you are the person that you choose to be in the very moment."

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Positive Affirmation.

Positive affirmations by spiritual teacher David Cunliffe. I will do all that is needed to embrace a path that is spiritually fulfilling, loving and truthful:

- David Cunliffe -

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Help, guidance and support by Skype.

LudwigBorne128x128aLosing an illusion makes you wiser than finding a truth:

By Ludwig Born

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Spiritual guidance and support.Let us open our eyes to the mysteries and opportunities open to each and every one of us, and begin a new exciting journey of self and spiritual discovery:

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Inspirational spiritual quote.

Spiritual counseling and support."Know that your fears are only Illusory, embrace all that is positive, kind and loving in your life, and your journey will always bear good fruits and rewards."

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The Pursuit of Happiness

Sunflowerd1Happiness happens in a fraction of the moment, a flash of the radiant face of the beloved, sustained by the celestial ringing of one's memories, lovingly and gently calling us back to that ethereal moment when we and the universe perfectly align. A coming together of awareness and realisation that we are part of the one perfect and infinite source of love and light.

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Spiritual counselling onlineIntuitive spiritual counselling session.

“Good spiritual teachers are notoriously difficult to find, while there are undoubtedly lots of wonderful spiritual mentors out there, David’s spiritual guidance has been utterly selfless and consistent.”

Megan: Llandudno North Wales


Intuitive spiritual counselling session.

“Thank you for all your kind and spiritual support over the weeks David. I found my sessions extremely beneficial, providing guidance and insight to my problems, yet never judgmental, but kind, sincere and loving."

Carolyn: North Manchester

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Online Spiritual Guidance by Skype

One-to-One spiritual counseling through Skype

Online Skype counselling.

David now provides confidential online spiritual counseling through the convenience of Skype.

Skype is popular with individuals who would like to receive online spiritual guidance and support from the convenience of their own home.

Perhaps you live in a location or area of the world that would be impossible to visit David face to face.

Then why not consider the convenience of the FREE online Skype chat service for your spiritual counseling session.

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How to find a spiritual mentor.

Spiritual guidance with UK spiritual teacher David Cunliffe.

Would you like to receive confidential help and support with issues of a personal or spiritual nature? Perhaps you are going through a difficult or challenging time in your life and would appreciate a nonjudgmental consultation with a trusted spiritual mentor.

Spiritual teacher and advisor David Cunliffe provide 'three' friendly and convenient ways to receive your spiritual guidance. Firstly, you may choose to visit David in person, so face-to-face. Secondly, you may prefer to receive your guidance through the anonymous and convenient nature of e-mail. While lastly, you may arrange to chat with David on a one-to-one basis, using the FREE over the internet chat service provided by Skype.

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"Spirituality is a process of letting go of limiting beliefs, to embrace thoughts that are more fulfilling and nourishing."

- By David Cunliffe -

Welcome to the website of spiritual teacher David Cunliffe.

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Soul coaching by Skype."Really enjoyed my spiritual guidance this morning David, and can see that you now do it by Skype, absolutely fab. Like the sound of that, very convenient to have spiritual support over the net, the wonders of modern technology, I'll definitely give that a go” Pauline: Derby

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An effective spiritual teacher will give you what you need to know, not what you want to hear.

D Cunliffe

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